Is every woman a prostitute?

Is every woman a prostitute?

Prostitutes are no longer just the women on the street after hours.
Between transactional sex and lobola, JLo owes us an apology for that,
“my love don’t cost a thing” song. Transactional sex is closely linked
to cross generational sex which is one of the leading attributions of
the HIV spreading.


My heart bleeds and my blood boils when school girls in uniform are
smiling ear to ear riding shortgun in a kombi. From woman to woman,
don’t let them ride a body that’s yours to get rides on a car that
aint his. For young women its usually company cars in the place of
kombies. We have all heard the stories about hunger, poverty, fees,
and I personally am yet to hear a story worthy of me jeopardising my
health and forfeiting my dignity.

The hardest hit are tertiary students who are considered fringe
benefits by lecturers and easy targets for married men looking for a
thrill. The transaction here is simple, a man going through a mid-life
crisis desperately trying to salvage his youth convinces a young woman
to concede her youth for groceries, rent and all sorts of material
things. Ladies, please dont make a permanent decision based on a
temporary situation.

When people call women cheap its not a referral to your self-worth.
You are like a $100 note, no matter how wrinkly and dirty you get it
does not depreciate your worth. Regardless of what you have done or
how many men its been, you can salvage your self-worth. Cheap actually
refers to the amount of money a man must part with to get you to part
your legs. Dirty old men are drawn to younger women because their
expectations are lower. A 25year old woman is looking for marriage and
financial stability whereas a 15year old will be satisfied with just
airtime and other small trinkets.

Its time to rise up as Bulawayo women and put an end to this. It used
to take a village to raise a child and its the global village that is
ruining our children. You can’t say you haven’t seen those underage
girls lurking by a bar at Bulawayo Centre. Where are the mothers?
Where are the big sisters?

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