Loraine MaKhumalo Sibanda

Lately, I am finding joy in the little things I had forgotten to do. I remember when I used to watch the much loved series “Being Mary Jane ” the character played by Gabrielle Union would put colourful sticky notes on her mirror to remind herself of certain things. Mainly these sticky notes had quotes that also helped her to make decisions during difficult times. I used to think 24 hours was too little. A part of me still does. Then a little voice in my heart reminds me that it’s actually more than enough. What we lack is balance, discipline and prioritisation. I believe.

I am not sure if it’s the purpose we are pursuing or money, or legacy that keeps us so busy. We want it all, right? Petrol in South Africa recently went up several times in the 1st quarter of 2022 affecting everything else financially. The cost of living has gone up. So on top of chasing dreams and careers there is that sharp unavoidable reality , we have to live and we must be able to afford our very own existence. This then gets us into that rat race of chasing the money. I also find that the young and modern African woman is on the drive to achieve her dreams at peak as soon as possible. In this race you can potentially neglect yourself and those around you. So how do you achieve balance and how do you prioritise?

  • What moments are important to you? How often do you do these things? Basically what is your happy pill? 
  • How much of YOU do you keep to yourself? 
  • How much time do you invest in things where you are not remunerated? 
  • How much time do you invest in your community? 
  • How often do you volunteer your time or skills towards the upliftment of teenagers and women? 

My 2022 started on a high note and I am still excited about the rest of the year. About 3 months ago, I started to notice that I was dropping the ball and starting to have a monotonous routine and at night I am just burnt out and all I want is to sleep. So I took a mental break, just a moment to reflect. I then went back to that happy place that replenishes me and allows me to take a few steps back and BREATHE! 

Here’s my list of the things I do as much as I can to balance my life.  

I look forward to weekends so I can play with my son. I don’t plan as many events or outings at this time. 

I enjoy reading. Even if it’s one page per day or week. I will make time for it. My mind needs an escape . It’s a constant battle. Sometimes I forget but at the most I will set a reminder for this. 

I take time away from my desk at work to actually eat. I had developed a habit of eating at my desk and not taking  a moment away from work. This is not healthy at all. It increases burnout. 

I am starting to collect graphics of the art I love and saw myself collecting. I love art and I need to see it in my room, on my phone, on my laptop screen cover etc. Art reminds me to continue dreaming and that everything I want and believe in is possible. Remember the saying “out of sight, out of mind”? If the things you aspire to do or see are not in front of you everyday it’s easy to forget them. Never undermine the power of hope and faith. 

I call and check on people I appreciate every now and again . Touching base with family or friends or old colleagues is good for us and vice versa. Sometimes going down memory lane and having a quick recap of the mischief you and your cousins got up to or office politics etc is all we need. The world has become more and more distant with social media. Even though it connects us, it is also the very distraction people use to disconnect from the world.


I sleep. People often say if you sleep you have no problems. I can sleep in the midst of turbulence. Once I decide that I need a mental break, I just take a nap. Even in the middle of the day. I learnt a long time ago that some things in life resolve themselves. Sometimes I won’t have all the solutions even to my own challenges. So sleep allows my mind to rest. If you are at your best mentally you see things from a different angle therefore whatever solution you can bring to the table will be from a healthy mind. I am so selfish with my sleep that after 9pm I switch off my data to avoid notifications coming through. That little time I have I don’t take for granted.

Lastly, I am intentional with the content I choose to consume. I don’t miss an opportunity to watch comedy, go to Tik Tok or YouTube in search of something to make me laugh. I might be stating the obvious but when was the last time you had a good laugh that made you cry till your lungs hurt



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Elinah Mangena is truly the epitome of success and what it means to be a go getter. I started following her work online a few years ago through my wonderful friend Mbo Mahocs. I knew there was something special about her magic touch. I am a huge cheerleader of women who are successful and those who are yet to discover the lioness in themselves. So I made a promise to myself that I would book her services as soon as a glamorous opportunity showed up on my doorstep. It did. Elinah was my make up artist for the Bulawayo Arts Awards that I was privileged to host. She did a stellar job. Apart from that she is a serial networker, a solid business woman and an award nominated make up artist. She is also a self published author who uses the power of the written word to inspire any woman or man to go after their dreams and stretch themselves. I couldn’t wait to introduce you to her. Meet one of our Marigold Series woman, Elinah Success Mangena.

Who is Elinah Success Mangena?

Elinah Success Mangena is a 30 year old young woman , highly motivated and strong willed . She is an award nominated make up artist , author and image consultant.

Did you ever imagine yourself as a make up artist? What led to this career choice?

No , if there is any career I could  have pursued professionally it would have been in athletics or dancing, but a huge part of me is also academic. Being a make up artist fell into my lap by a sheer coincidence , or I as believe by God’s grace. I never had any interest or knowledge of the beauty industry. My roommate showed me the ropes . I later enjoyed beautifying myself and people took interest and asked me to do their make up. The rest is history.
You recently hosted another successful make up Masterclass. What was the experience like? 

This was special , it was the first time I did a 3 day masterclass . The planning was very overwhelming yet so rewarding in the end. When you get to see the students progress from beginner level to proficient level it’s an empowering experience for myself as well as my guests. To have some of my celebrity clients involved and being models for the day was truly humbling.

What has been your favourite milestone in your journey thus far?

I would have to say it’s having to see my clients  happy with their personal transformation for a special event or milestone in their lives.  It’s something that I cherish and seek to achieve each day. 2021 was also a monumental year for me as I was nominated for the ASEA Awards. I was blown out of my mind that my work was shortlisted for this honour. Publishing my book was a scary process that also stretched my limits but certainly a mile stone to celebrate as well.

Who would you say is the biggest artist or celebrity you have worked with and how did that shape your career further?

Basetsana Khumalo is my favourite high profiled client that I have previously worked with. I learnt a new level of poise from her.  I remember I was a bit late getting to her . I was getting lost trying to find the main gate to the venue.  When I got there I was panicking because this is “Basetsana” we are talking about , but she was calm and offered to make me tea . My highlight of the experience was for her to be happy with the finished look . It was affirming to know that I was on track.

What is the one mistake most women make when it comes to skin care or make up?

The one mistake that I have observed that women make is that they use other people’s experiences to make decisions on what to use on their skin. My advice would be , identify your skin type to know which skin products are suitable for your skin. The same applies to makeup , and also never sleep with your makeup.

What is your favourite brand for the following products?

Foundation … Kryolan
Lipstick … Hues and Tones
Eyeliner … Essence
Lashes … Esmangena
Mascara … Yardley

What is your fav holiday destination and why?

Victoria falls is a beautiful destination . It was once named as one of the 7 wonders of the world . It is such a magnificent place to refresh , enjoy the culture of our country and the people are very welcoming.

BMW or Mercedes Benz? – Both ( lol)

Ice cream or chocolate?  – Ice Cream

Vogue or Elle Magazine? – Neither

Durban or Cape Town and why? – Durban. It has friendly people , much warmer weather and their food is much nicer.

Your 5 favourite bible scriptures?

Ex 23 vs 25
Isaiah 54 vs 4
Psalms 91
Leviticus  26 vs 9-13
Proverbs 3 vs 24- 25

Your favourite bible character and why?

It would have to be Jesus. There is no one better than him. He is a teacher, healer and a patient friend.

Any future plans of expanding the Elinah brand?

Yes, certainly a beauty academy and a cosmetic line are in the pipeline.

What other initiatives are you working on that you would love our readers to support you on?

I run Elinah initiatives that focus on skills  development, providing free beauty  masterclasses (hair, nails, makeup etc )   and stationery. We also have a soup kitchen that feeds any one that needs food on special occasions.

Which M.U.A would you live to collaborate with?

Make up by Elana or James Charles … definitely
Words of inspiration to self taught creatives?
I would say just start, find your lane and stay in it as well as ensuring you find means to invest in yourself . Success requires focus so  shut your ears to the noise no matter what people say about the industry being saturated …. just GO or it.
Elinah Mangena is definitely the girl next door. Someone we all can see ourselves in. Going after all her dreams and impacting the men and women around her. Inspiration is always around us. I hope to those that follow her work and look up to her you have been inspired. Thank you for honouring us and sharing your story Elinah!!
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I met musician Berita through a former client of mine who is also a musician.  We were getting ready to launch his album and during a strategy  meeting  he mentioned that he had shared the stage with Berita when she was just starting  out in the industry.  I thought that story and their  history deserved to be told. So we arranged to meet her in  Joburg in order for us to pitch this idea we had in mind. That was the first time I met her. She is as warm as she appears to be, very kind and obviously  talented. She has taken so many bold strides in her career  that have paid off well.  I definitely  believe she is a Marigold  woman. Here’s  my interview  with her.

1. Congratulations on your SAMA nomination and win. How does it feel?

Thank you so much. I am very excited and I feel very honoured for the acknowledgement by the South African Music Awards. Having worked in the South African music industry for almost a decade now I am very excited. I feel blessed. I feel like the SAMA came at the right time. It comes at a time where I have really defined my path as an artist and my path in the South African music industry so I am very excited and very honoured.

2. What has the journey been like since you became an independent musician and also an Entrepreneur.  

My journey has been amazing in the music business. I recently posted pictures of my 4 albums. As I was listening to my songs the last couple of days I realised that with each album I continue to grow. I continue to work on my song writing. I continue to grow my voice and delivery as well. I continue to grow my sound. I really enjoy making music.

The decision to be an independent artist and to also be a business woman was a natural progression. Having worked in this industry for 9 years and also having realised that the industry is shifting. We are now in the digital era. There are more opportunities as an artist. I really enjoy the freedom that being an independent musician allows me. I also enjoy the freedom to run an organisation like W.O.M.B ( the Women of the Music Business) a non-profit organisation which is a pan-African women empowerment organisation. It was formed to support and elevate women across Africa in the music business. I believe in my community and I am very excited about the work that we are doing at W.O.M.B.

3. After relocating to South Africa did you ever see your brand becoming what it is today? A recognised and well known brand.

When I came to South Africa I came to study and I secretly knew that I wanted to be a musician. I came with just a guitar and my suitcase. I think that I had a dream. I knew that my dreams would be realised. I loved music. I had a dream to sing  with my guitar and sing my songs and I knew it was going to happen. I really knew it. It’s one of those things I was really sure about.

4. What keys or strategy do you use when collaborating with other artists on your albums?

When it comes to collaborating with other artists, it has to do with the artist. How they carry themselves as well as the music and the sound. A lot of my collaborations from the past have been unassuming. One of my favourite ongoing collaborations at the moment is with Amanda Black. I have known her for a very long time. At some point we were neighbours. Although we were not close back then, there is a history we share. So when we collaborate it’s really genuine. It’s organic. I have also done a lot of collaborations with DJs. When “Thandolwethu” first came out, Oskido remixed it and introduced me to House Music. I didn’t know anything about House Music. Since then I have worked with Mobi Dixon, Da Capo and Black Motion. I resonated with their sound.  I was able to work with them. In my album ‘Songs in Key of Love’ I collaborated with a lot of artists. I worked with Bekezela. I worked with Mo T from MiCasa. I also worked with Bongani. I really enjoy collaborating and creating beautiful music in studio.

5. You had a close relationship with the late legendary music icon Oliver Mtukudzi? What would you say to him today? 

Yes it’s true. I had a very wonderful relationship with Bab’ Oliver Mtukudzi. I was very fortunate enough that when I first started my career I met Baba Oliver Mtukudzi. From that very instant he took a liking to my music and my style. He invited me to Zimbabwe to join him at Pakare Paya Arts Centre many times. I got to perform at his solo festival. I also travelled around South Africa with him. I also travelled the SADC region. We travelled together for quite a bit.

6. What do you miss the most about him?

I miss his gentle spirit and his love for the community. He taught me that your music and what you do can come together. For him, he made music that was about uplifting the community and he ran a community project at the Pakare Paya Arts Centre. Watching him doing what he loved most I really learnt a lot. I miss him.  I feel like he went home too soon.

7. Tell us about your W.O.M.B project and how can artists get involved?

The W.O.M.B is a non profit organisation. It is a pan-African women empowerment platform. It’s a space for conversations. It’s a space for technology. It’s a space for programs and tools that elevate and empower women. We have hosted 2 programs now,  namely  Finance for social enterprises and community leaders specifically on how to manage their businesses. We believe music is special. Women face different challenges in the music industry compared to men. Taking the time to have conversations on Instagram with different women in the industry made me realise we have different challenges in our journey in the music business. It’s nice to come together as a community and talk about these things.

8. You recently announced the dates of your album tour . What inspired that?

I always wanted to put together an album tour for ‘Songs in the Key of Love’ to celebrate my journey in music as well as to amplify the album. With the SAMA endorsement, I definitely think it deserves a tour. I believe the time is right. The tour was initially supposed to happen in 2020. We all know what happened in 2020. This is the right time. I am looking forward to performing firstly around South Africa. I am still looking at Zimbabwean dates.  If you are in South you can catch me at a number of venues across the country.

Johannesburg – 19 December 2021

Durban – 24 February 2022

East London 5 March 2022

9.What is your favourite song from this body of work?

Wow! That’s very difficult (Berita chuckles).  I love so many different songs in the album.  I can never choose one particular song. At the moment I can say ‘Yours.’ It is a song I really enjoy. I love the approach I took when I created the song.

10. What can fans or lovers of your work expect during this tour?

It’s going to be beautiful. It’s going to be about love, joy, music as well as being victorious. I think we have gone through a difficult year. It’s good to come together and just celebrate the life we have. We can celebrate love. There is obviously all the sing-along songs that I have written, co-written and sang. I am really looking forward to seeing all my supporters in one space just having a moment of joy and gratitude.

Is there a chance Amanda Black will be joining you on this tour or any of the artists featured in it? 

There is definitely a chance that I will be supported by some of my friends and collaborators. Amanda Black joined me for the first concert that took place on the 18th of November in Pretoria. I am looking forward to singing with her. I recently joined her at her own concert at Emperor’s Palace this past week.

11. Please give your fans a sneak peek of a day in Berita’s life.

I actually started a Vlog on Youtube. You can check out my YouTube channel and get more content there. I am very particular about taking care of myself so my day involves a lot of healthy habits. I can start my day with a visit to the gym, meditating, journaling, prayer, praise and worship music and affirmations. I do all the works. I also eat very healthily and spend time on my music and some of the day-to-day management work that needs to be taken care of in the business.

12. What does Berita do for fun to unwind?

I recently discovered fun. To be quite honest, for the longest time I was not having fun. I play tennis every Sunday. I love tennis. If I wasn’t a musician I believe I would have been a tennis player, that’s how much I love tennis. It’s a sport I enjoy. I also enjoy spending time with family and people I love.

13. I remember chatting to you about your pan African recognised brand. How is that coming along? In spite of Covid-19? 

Brand building is a continuous exercise. I think more than that I am focused on my values as an artist. The work that I am doing speaks for itself. A perfect example is my SAMA award it’s titled “The best of the rest of Africa.” It recognises artists that are doing well in South Africa. In addition to that, it’s the work that I am doing with W.O.M.B. I make sure it’s pan-African. I am still keeping that pan-African dream in mind across all touch points.

14. What is your favourite novel or book of all time?

You know what? That’s a very good question. I recently started reading Steve Jobs’ autobiography. I have to say I just love it. I read one chapter and I learnt so much as an entrepreneur, so I have to definitely say Steve Jobs.

15. Lastly what are you grateful for this year?

I am grateful for life, love, music and really taking the time to work on myself. I think I spent a lot of time for the past 9 years working on the music. What has been wonderful about this year is that I took the time to work on Gugulethu. Behind the Berita brand is Gugulethu. I took the time to work on that.

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A vision board is great tool not only for manifestation but also for measuring your productivity. It’s more than just a trend. I could sell many of it’s benefits  to you but then again who is talking about a vision board at this time of the year? With the festive season around the corner one can feel under pressure  to look back at the year that has gone by and question their success or productivity. I also call this season the “the comparison season”.  Most of the pressure comes from social media, family and friends. If you are not careful there are so many yardsticks that will be thrown in your face telling you whether you made it or not this year. Over the years I  have come to learn to ignore this madness and pressure that comes with Christmas. I built a coping mechanism that allows me to enjoy the festive season as a season of giving and receiving. Part of that giving process is gifting myself some alone time. If anyone hasn’t  given you permission to put away that vision board or journal, allow me to be the first to do so. It’s  time to put it away!!! Here are some tips you can use to ease into the festive mood and not focus so much on goals, until it’s the right time.

1. Accept that there is only so much you can do and control in your life. What ever was meant to happen has taken place, what is yet to come will find it’s way to you.

2. Embrace every season in your life. This is the season of gratiude, reflection and relaxing

3. If there is any planning you can do for yourself at this point in time. It would be to honour that mind and body of yours that has taken care of you this year.

4. Say thank you. We are accountable for our own success but at the same time we can’t do it alone.  Thank all the people who showed up for you in ways you never expected this year.

5. Trust the process. Often when we speak of trust we do it with one eye open. Naturally it’s not something easy to do. We should be able to trust God about our lives, businesses and family with our eyes closed. So when you put your vision board down it doesn’t mean you are giving up. If something is destined for you whether you take a break or not. It will come.

6. Have a lunch date with a friend. Covid 19 affected a lot people’s budgets and if your bank balance does not allow you to go out.  Schedule a WhatsApp  call and have one on one time with your friend. Quality time with people we love gets us into a happy space and if you are happy you are not going to be obsessed with goals etc.

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