Co-working spaces are the new norm and they are booming across the globe. Entrepreneurs and creatives altogether now prefer co-working spaces, also known as hub spaces instead of acquiring an office for their business. They are favouring these setups for the convenience they provide as they are supposed to be cost effective in the long run.

You can find hubs that offer spaces to let for the day, week, month or even night. Anything that suits your terms and standards of work. There are also spaces for workshops, meetings, office desks, and even storage spaces for your equipment.

Co-working spaces are cost effective. You only use and pay rent for an office/desk when you need it. The very purpose of a co-working space is to provide start-ups with the benefit of only paying for the space they need. You could be in need of a conference area for a day, or a plug-and-play area for your writing or design tools, or you could be a solo-preneur planning to build your team over time. For some entrepreneurs, they will only need a pick and drop location for their client orders. Nothing can work better than a hub space for this kind of setup.

It helps in making good networks and helps in getting new clients. Exchanging ideas and skills is the integral part of the freelancing culture. Knowing fellow creatives and what they do can also help you easily find collaborators on bigger projects where one needs help. In a co-working space you will also have the opportunity to work alongside other entrepreneurs who will sharpen your skills. One can even have the opportunity to sign new clients within the hub space for the services you provide.

Working in a hub helps to ensure that work-life and home life is balanced. We live in a fast paced world. It becomes difficult to find the correct balance between work and home life balance. This is especially in relation to those who work from home. It is easy to set up a home office, but even more difficult to set boundaries for office hours and family time.

Productivity and creativity is increased when you rent in a co-working space. Working amongst peers and colleagues makes the workload easier. Working from a hub space brings in a spirit of collaboration. When working from home, it is easy for things to get stale as you are set in your ways. In a co-working space you are given the freedom to explore your creativity with the resources availed to you. It perfects the balance between working from home and working with others.

It may even allow you to pick additional skills you would not have acquired on your own. The benefits of interacting with others are endless. You get a chance to learn from them and learn with them. With co-working spaces, you get the chance to interact with people from other specialities and professions and this will expand your ability to think outside the box. A hub space is a pool of all kinds of start-ups that will benefit you in upskilling and trying new things.

With more people finding work in a digital space, the need for work life balance and separate office space from home has become popular. Some digital nomads find it difficult to work in a home office and a co-working space for freelancers and entrepreneurs can help solve this problem.

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I often hear people talking about how unfocused the youth are and how we don’t put in enough effort to look for work or piece jobs and I’m baffled because I mean who doesn’t want their own money ? Who doesn’t like nice things? Nice things require money, you don’t just get money you earn it. How do you earn it? Get a job! Sounds easy doesn’t it?

​Now finding the job of it, that’s another story. I’ve worked four jobs two out of four of them l got through what they call “connections.” Fortunately for me, my friends helped me get in, the other two were by my own merit but not everyone has a connection or a way in. For example I have a good friend of mine she bagged two degrees all the way from South Africa and she’s back in Zim working a job that has nothing to do with anything she studied. It’s quite disheartening, you go to university and do your best only to come back home to nothing. Then parents make it seem like we’re not serious about work and the likes.

​I’ve applied and responded to almost every advert I’ve come across, qualified or unqualified. I mean it doesn’t hurt to shoot your shot right? Sometimes I don’t even get a response back but at least I’m trying. This is depressing and it causes one to feel useless and some people turn to alcohol and substance abuse which is really awful because it’s destroying the generation. Remember an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

​The only solutions I can think of as a youth is to come up with a side hustle, let your side hustle make you money until you find a main hustle (a job.) You don’t always need capital for example my sister taught me how to make mats when I was in grade school. Just get a saka (sack) then cut you old clothing, bed sheets or cloths into strips, get a nail or crocheting needle and then prick holes in to it lining the cloth on top and using the nail/needle to pole holes to pull the material through or buy goods from the market and put your own mark up and sell to make profit. I know some people changing money and using their influence to make money. It’s very clear to see that no one is coming to save us, we cannot look to anybody else to solve our problems, we are our own solution. All the best in finding your hustle today!

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