Creative Writing

My beloved Nessa

Your smile and laughter are truth to God’s existence

Your unwavering fire for life burns so bright inside of you

Your thirst and hunger for success is the kind that will move mountains

The purity of your heart is a testament that humanity still lives

And yet tonight I saw your insecurities through your eyes

I felt your anger and rage rush through your veins and the palms of your hands

I heard the fear in your voice as you told me how he made you feel unwanted

I sensed your doubt, as you asked me if you would ever be good enough for him, for them

And this is my love letter to you Nessa

You are loved and treasured

Not by all

But by the few you have privileged to feel your fire and hear your carefree laughter

You are gold

The rare kind that will be found on the golden crowns worn in heaven

You are brave and choose to match on even up until the end of the war

Yes, you are broken but don’t need any mending.

You are a radiant beauty

The kind that God boasts about

You are grace

Overflowing from untapped rivers

You are strength the kind that has never been seen

And when you feel yourself drowning in the pool of anxiety and insecurities

Feel yourself grasping for straws in tight claustrophobic places

where you are too full of life to fit into

Remind yourself,


That you are loved and more than enough

Just as your creator made you

So if no man has taken the time to write a love letter to you

I’m here to remind you

That you don’t need a love letter from him, from them,

My letter is always second best to the first

That God wrote to you. x

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