As I struggled to come up with the first devotional, God dropped in my spirit, the issue of emotions. I have allowed my emotions to rule me, and have lost so much…when I could’ve swallowed my pride or just avoided a certain issue but I had to be right even on the expense of my friends or past relationships. We are emotional beings as females and we sometimes allow our emotions to control us and determine how we treat our families, clients, classmates, peers and basically everyone around us.

It is actually a norm to have a “fit” over absolutely something so small coz the world has branded us the “emotional, weaker” sex. The Bible says that we must not lean on our own understanding and not be tossed to and fro by the doctrines of this world, but build our characters upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ. It is so easy to be so consumed with what we feel that we lose friendships and relationships that took years to build only to be destroyed because we were so angry we could not control our words or actions.

We have seen many business people or respected leaders lose their reputations all because of the lack of control of their emotions, one moment of weakness that ruined their careers, families and businesses. Sometimes our emotions can be a raging storm threatening to sink us in the depths of despair and pain, and no matter who we call on to or seek advice from it’s like no one understands us. We get no relief, no sense of peace at all, but there is one person who understands us and is able to calm the storms in our lives- Jesus Christ. The world has given us different solutions to deal and harness our emotions but they are all temporary measures for permanent situations. The pain may end or subside but the effects, the scars left from them are lasting, and it is only The Creator who can mend our hearts and minds.

Let us determine today that no matter who or what offends us, hurts us or irritates us that we will not allow it to rob us of our joy and peace of mind. We have precious little time on earth and it must be spent wisely so why not spend it in joy. Hurts will come, offences will come but we must not let the sun go down on us while we are angry. For God has given us a Helper, the holy spirit, who is there to remind us that God has given us “peace not as the world gives” John14:26-27, and He has promised “to comfort us on all sides”  Psalm 71:20-21

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