Do not be afraid to show the world who you are, you are capable of numerous things; do not be narrow-minded about your purpose in life. You are the future, just choose your greatest desire and make something of it. There is a reason why the use of the word “impossible” has decreased over the last 50 years; we are making the “impossible” possible. Let not anyone look down upon you, do not take heed to the words they say, they will not empower you.

You are more than just a female human being. There is more to life than waiting for your period or for your breasts to form and your hips to grow. There is so much more to the household than just the kitchen and the laundry room. Why are focusing on the aspects of your physical being which is natural? It comes naturally; fret not what the outcome will be. Focus on your emotional, spiritual and mental state. It is time to make something of you. If only you knew that you can run the show too, you are the producer to your own blockbuster. You can be a role model, a friend, a sister, a teacher and a wife too.  It all begins with you.

Let not these stereotypes get in your head, you cannot become them, you are there to prove them all wrong. I praise you Girl Child/Woman. Most people are ignorant to the actual importance of you. They think that you are just there to satisfy the needs of the man and children. They think all you know are pots and pans, raising the children that you did not have alone.

That is only a fraction of your true abilities. There is a long list of opportunities for you. Ignorance is not your identity. Girl Child/Woman are you listening? Do you understand your worth? Do you know that the Men rely on you? Do you know that you could spread your wings and fly? You are a complete circle, you have no corners neither do you have an end. Your cycle goes on and on, you are eternal. You are not the semi circles that the squares think you are, you are complete.

Let no man tell you, you are beneath him. Let no man treat you like you are. Let no man take credit for your innovative ideas. Let no man play with your heart and feelings, you are not a violin. No one should strum the strings to your soul and play off-key. Your soul is a symphony that can only be orchestrated by the one who understands and praises your work.

This is your world, this is your playground…society should not dictate how you are to behave. If you can sing, sing your melody to the concert hall. If you can cook, feed millions. If you can seal the deal, build your empire. If you can think rationally, be the judge of the court. If you can design, bring your project to life.

Remember that you matter. You are the past, the present and the future. You are not the pathetic being you hear those against you say. You are the beginning of it all. I look up to you Girl Child/Woman; I respect you, most importantly… I AM ONE OF YOU.

“It took me a while to develop my voice and now that I have it, I am NOT going to be silent.” –unknown

Yours Truly

One of You

By Simphie Thoughts