I’m sure we are all crawling into the indefinite lockdown. I had the mindset that new beginnings, new chapters and revival start in January. But knowing what I know now, the planning and aligning starts now, in the lockdown. Let’s face it 2020 has not been the girl we all thought it would be. Our travelling plans were discarded of months ago, our (well at least mine) trainers for that fitness resolution haven’t seen the light of day and it can be a little depressing thinking the second lockdown might end with not much being achieved. Fortunately for us with time at home comes some hope and some time to realign ourselves. Consider these subtle lifestyle changes to get your mind right for this year.

Declutter 101

Decluttering is a therapeutic act that will get your mind right for the year. I’m sure you have heard the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness”. My own interpretation of that saying is that, when you have a clean, decluttered environment you are able to refocus your mind and set achievable goals for yourself. Now, I am no saint in the decluttering world, and I have a long way to go to achieve my ideal fung shui environment but these few tips have been helping me get there.

1.So to start off with you can pick a place that you really know needs some cleaning up. For me its always my bedside drawers, a lot of junk resides there so that’s where I would start.

2. See what you would like to keep and what needs to be thrown out. You can also make a ‘maybe’ pile. When weeding out the maybe pile try ask yourself if you really need whatever it is and you will never find something like it. If no…throw…it…out/give it away!

3. Phasing yourself is also a great idea for big projects like your house, wardrobe etc. You can find one item that you havent used in months each day. If you give away or throw out one item each day, in a year you have decluttered your life by 365 items.