There’s nothing as depressing as walking into a lingerie shop and seeing very sexy lingerie, but when you ask the assistant for one or two sexy numbers, you get a cold, “We don’t have bigger sizes!” Having a bra size 42DD+ is next to a curse in Zimbabwe. Girl, the misrepresentation is on the next level leaving us ‘the gifted ones‘ with bland-looking bras, boring corsets and sagging granny panties. The question then is: do plus size women feel comfy in the boring lingerie? None of that is to my liking, so here are a few tips to lingerie stockists out there…

Represent all women

Yes, this is the first step in the right direction in ensuring that all ladies feel confident in their underwear.  All women want the right lingerie which is well-defined and sits perferctly in the right places. Good lingerie makes a difference and can aid in creating ambiance, confidence and that sexy vibe for a woman. Plus size ladies also want jaw-dropping stockings, bra sets, swim wear and all-things-necessary for different occassions. So before stocking your shop, remember that all women need to feel great and look hot! Order very stylish lingerie which is not only lacey, but comfy. Don’t forget the printed pieces: we also wanna look dangerous, LoL.

Be familiar with your clientele

It’s one thing to have a successful lingerie business and another thing to know your clientele base. The bulk of plus size women still lack rendition, and finding a place in the fashion world is taking forever. Lingerie is what defines a woman, and if we all agree that it echoes taste and class, then there is need for shop owners to know, listen to and respond to their customer needs. Time and again, women with bigger boobs end up forcing their tresures into smaller sizes which are usually uncomfortable. So the next time three or more women who wear DD/E/F/G cups request them, make it a point to order them. Why? It’s simple: we will give referrals which will boost your business…

Design to impress

No matter the size, all women want to feel good and look drop-dead gorgeous. Sexy is good too, and every man wants to just see the beauty in his choice of a woman. Lingerie is a hype for every woman (me included), so if you are a designer out there, take time in crafting designer pieces which work wonders for African women. This would go a long way in helping us plus size women in reclaiming our sexy appeals and take control in the bedroom, swimming spaces, at the beach or anywhere where showing ‘a bit of flesh’ is appropriate.

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