black is beautiful

I love being African, and my black melanin rocks! But, the gruesome reality is that not all black is bold and neither is celebrating blackness always a glitz and glam affair. If it all goes unnoticed, black might be the epitome of darkness. Your head might now be spinning as you are probably getting lost in your thoughts as to why I have such notions. My views are neutral, and highly based on my observation of different individuals. After studying my fellow brothers and sisters, I have come to the realisation that:

Actions matter MUCH more than words…

Yes, Black Lives Matter, and our own African culture advocates for brotherhood and having your neighbours back at all times. But the ugly reality is; being black is not all rosey and with the advent of injustices, the lines of its beauty are slowly fading. I have observed with shock how black on black exploitation is taking a toll on many people. If you are an employer, ask yourself how many times you have cared for the welfare of your employees. Needless to say, the economy is in turmoil, but some employers are blessed to be sailing in the storm. The painful reality though is that: most employees are living lives of endurance whilst sitting at a fellow brother/sister’s table. So, what matters are your thoughts and actions, not words. If you can give to Ceaser his dues, extend that same hand to your brother/sister too!

The SOUL has an outer radiation…

Being a keeper is also being real and doing reality checks from time to time. Just because your business partner X believes that a person ‘s existence is highly dependent on basics doesn’t mean that you should use that same standpoint. A lot of house helps are being exploited left, right and centre and needless to say, those girls and women have families too. As you’re reading this, I want you to step back a bit, stroll to the supermarket and assess the price of sanitary towels. Afterwards, calculate just how much that lady’s salary is worth. Just remember that the soul has an outer radiation, and no matter how good your speeches are, if they’re not put into action: you sound like a Broken Record.


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