digital skills for girls and women

SheNspiration is a project that has set out to impart digital storytelling skills to girls and women in Zimbabwe. These skills will be imparted through workshops, trainings, meetups and digitally through social media and downloadable resources.

In addition to this, an ebook for content creation will be produced and available for free download on the #SheNspiration microsite. Girl Grandeur Zimbabwe has also partnered with a digital publication for a special edition of the Kwantuthu Arts magazine which will cater specifically to female creative entrepreneurs.

There aren’t enough spaces in Zimbabwe that capacitate creative female entrepreneurs and we want to fill that gap. We want women to learn not only from us but also from each other. This will create a supportive network that will become the pillar of a women-led media industry,” said Thembelihle Terry-Lynne Zulu the founder of Girl Grandeur Zimbabwe .

The #SheNspiration project is a response to the digital gender gap in the new media landscape. Digital storytelling can be a hobby or an occupation. The media industry needs more female voices and more stories about women. These digital skills are an investment in the story of the woman.

I’ve been blogging for over 5 years and the numerous opportunities that this has opened for me are without number. I’d like to see more women taking up digital storytelling and owning their narratives,” said Thembelihle .

The project’s key activities will include:
• Train 240 girls in 8 high schools (Bulawayo and Harare)
• Train 8 teachers to run the high school media clubs
• Teach 60 women how to blog from scratch 
• Draft ebook for female digital storytellers 
• Compile workbook for all the bloggers trained
• Train 120 young women in Universities how to blog ( 4 Universities)
• 4 content creator meetups (Harare and Bulawayo)

This project is funded by the Equal Digital Skills Fund. One of the key goals of the EQUALS Digital Skills Fund is to facilitate appropriate digital skills training for up to 10,000 women and girls which includes the use of technology for social change and entrepreneurship. In addition, the initiative supports female role models and internet users within communities, social movements and workplaces to lead the next generation of women and girls in technology.

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