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Hello Ladies I am excited to be a part of the Girl Grandeur team. Its refreshing to have a platform for us women to empower and inspire each other to strive and not only achieve our goals and dreams but also just to be the best YOU that you can be and be bold and still look fabulous doing it.

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That alone ladies is commendable and for the sake of our daughters, sisters and other women out there, may we live passionately and set the world on fire with our love, creativity, compassion, boldness, intelligence and lioness spirit, so that when we pass the torch on to the next generation and can proudly say our light made the world a little brighter.

After what seemed to be a very long winter, for me personally, I am glad summer is around the corner. Now for some yes it means braais, weddings and starting to book holidays for Christmas, however for me what I am really excited to see is the fashion.


Bulawayo in the past few years has become a fashion diamond. Whether it’s been street fashion, trends across demographics or fashion shows, the city of kings and queens is living up to it’s name. The creativity is limitless and the Talent is mind blowing, what makes it better is that Bulawayo is evolving from being the industrial back bone of Zimbabwe to what could be the artistic fashion capital of Zimbabwe.

This year I am fortunate to have a front row seat to watch a fashion revolution unfold before my eyes. Unfortunately I am restricted to share too much detail of the event but what I can say that this event will change our views of the fashion industry as we know it here in Bulawayo or dare I say Zimbabwe.

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Fashion as we know it is about to be redefined in a way that could literally rival international players. The Summer Fashion drive is an event not to be missed, with an array of local talent coming together from designers, models, media, make-up artists just to name a few coming together to realize a vision from the genius that is Goodwill Mandeya also known as G-Force.

It is time for the industry to evolve and mature and bear fruit because it has been a long time coming but Bulawayo needs the Summer Fashion Drive. This event will set the bar for fashion shows to come so ladies you do not want to miss it. The crème de la crème of who’s who will be there including yours truly will be there too. I will be there to document a pivoting moment in our fashion history as well as interact with designers that will be showcasing, backstage coverage and interview a few of the prominent guests.

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This event won’t compare to any other fashion show and as your faithful lifestyle blogger I will give you the full spectrum of the whole experience from the show. The event is scheduled to take place early November so start shopping for those killer outfits because we will be there to slay not to play and be as bold and as daring as you can because from what I can tell this might become the Bulawayo’s Met Gala, so you don’t want to miss out. I will update you with the event’s social media pages so that you can follow them and get updates.

Lets get ready to drive into summer with style.

Ciao x.

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