Festive season

A vision board is great tool not only for manifestation but also for measuring your productivity. It’s more than just a trend. I could sell many of it’s benefits  to you but then again who is talking about a vision board at this time of the year? With the festive season around the corner one can feel under pressure  to look back at the year that has gone by and question their success or productivity. I also call this season the “the comparison season”.  Most of the pressure comes from social media, family and friends. If you are not careful there are so many yardsticks that will be thrown in your face telling you whether you made it or not this year. Over the years I  have come to learn to ignore this madness and pressure that comes with Christmas. I built a coping mechanism that allows me to enjoy the festive season as a season of giving and receiving. Part of that giving process is gifting myself some alone time. If anyone hasn’t  given you permission to put away that vision board or journal, allow me to be the first to do so. It’s  time to put it away!!! Here are some tips you can use to ease into the festive mood and not focus so much on goals, until it’s the right time.

1. Accept that there is only so much you can do and control in your life. What ever was meant to happen has taken place, what is yet to come will find it’s way to you.

2. Embrace every season in your life. This is the season of gratiude, reflection and relaxing

3. If there is any planning you can do for yourself at this point in time. It would be to honour that mind and body of yours that has taken care of you this year.

4. Say thank you. We are accountable for our own success but at the same time we can’t do it alone.  Thank all the people who showed up for you in ways you never expected this year.

5. Trust the process. Often when we speak of trust we do it with one eye open. Naturally it’s not something easy to do. We should be able to trust God about our lives, businesses and family with our eyes closed. So when you put your vision board down it doesn’t mean you are giving up. If something is destined for you whether you take a break or not. It will come.

6. Have a lunch date with a friend. Covid 19 affected a lot people’s budgets and if your bank balance does not allow you to go out.  Schedule a WhatsApp  call and have one on one time with your friend. Quality time with people we love gets us into a happy space and if you are happy you are not going to be obsessed with goals etc.

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