how to look after natural hair in winter

The Lockdown is more than a nightmare if you are a naturalista, because not only is natural hair a hustle, but it’s also 100% unmanipulatable at times! I know the struggle because I’m part of it too, and with salons on “forced vacation”, nothing is more depressing than moppy natural hair which is just too brittle to even comb out, let alone shampoo or condition.  Natural hair can be a snub in the back in winter, and it can send shivers down your spine plus breakages if you overlook some simple steps. Yeah, you might end up posting ‘Bad Hair Day’ more often than not if you decide to go all macho this winter. Not only that, your comb might start sending fallout signals too, which might then force you to run straight to the barber in summer. To save you from the bad-hair-day brought about by dreadful winter chills, I’ve jotted down 3 ways to beat the snag this winter…

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Get the right brushes

Your eyes might be rolling out, and you might be asking yourself, “Does it really matter?” but here’s my little secret: natural hair needs suitable brushes and combs. Ever wondered why your hair breaks every time you try to use a seamed comb or one with pressed-together tongs? It’s simple…natural hair is wiry, so forcing a thinly-spaced comb might do more harm than good. Please look for combs and brushes that are wide-toothed and seamless. These not only detangle hair ever so gently, but they don’t mess up the roots. A healthy hair bed is essential in guaranteeing perfect growth and rejuvenation in instances when the hair falls out due to strain.

Bag-in a good moisturizer

Now this really is essential to ensure that your hair is always hydrated. A natural crown can be a nightmare if it’s dry, so always moisturise it. Moisturisers differ but what I can safely vouch for is anything water-based. I know the feeling one gets when’ wet’ is mentioned, but believe it or not, natural hair thrives well if it’s a bit damp. Funny right? Well just give it a shot: mix a few natural oils then add some water. Go ahead, spray that hair and plait whilst it is moistened. The next time you remove the plaits, also make sure it’s a bit damp when you detangle it. I can guarantee you one thing: Less Breakage, and More Bulkier Hair (not forgetting the silky natural shine…)

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Try out a suitable DIY protective style

Self-plaiting isn’t fun, but the Covid-19 period has helped me appreciate the positivity in a bit of hair DIY protective styles. Just because I am plaiting my hair and incorporating the afore-mentioned right hair brushes and moisturisers, I now know my strong hair points and the weak ones. Aaaargh yes Queens, we all have these. There are those spots on your head that cannot take strain when it comes to combing, like edges or even the midi parts. Hair differs, and some ladies are blessed with good hairlines but one thing I have learnt over the past few months is: hair can actually grow faster if you know when to comb, how to twist and when to renew your hairstyle.

So get crafty ladies. And remember: all hairtypes matter but with natural hair, a dose or two of extra love can make the crown bigger!

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