For a long time now women have been advocating and encouraging each other to be comfortable in their own skin, not to feel the pressure to wear makeup because it’s all in your head, but is this true?

Recently Twitter was on fire with the #RuvhenekoChallenge where Radio Personality and TV Talk Show Host Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa was trolled over a recent picture with no makeup.

When will women catch a break? If it’s not about their weight, it’s about being wife material, acting like a lady or pleasing men. Nothing is ever perfect. A whole article was written over makeup less Ruvheneko! Is she supposed to have a face beat every time she steps out of the house?

She responded subtly which then blew out into a challenge with influencers like Misred, KVG, Sokostina and Madam Boss posting their images with no makeup too in solidarity with their own.

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa


Women are spending so much money on foundation, eye shadows, eyeliners etc to look good. If you do not put on makeup you may be considered as someone that does not care about their appearance.

Did you know?

  • 28% of women lack confidence without it
  • 17% said they’d cancel a date if makeup was not handy
  • National average for girls to start wearing makeup is 11 years old.
  • Average makeup wearing woman spends 15-20 min
  • Both portrayed as “beautiful” in the media.
  • Tabloids use off guard pictures to show “What happens when you take off makeup”.

Over a third of women believe their significant other would not have been attracted to them if they hadn’t been wearing makeup. One in ten would never let their partner see them without a full face on.

Some women get up early so that they can put makeup on before their partner can see them. It is very disturbing that women do not feel comfortable enough to let the person they are in love with see their true appearance.

In terms of how this can change, I don’t see any solution that makes a real difference other than a shift in the general perception of women who don’t use it.

If we really want to create a fair society in practice, we need to be more welcoming of women who go to work, social events, dinners, etc. without makeup on.

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