With all of us confined in our homes due to the COVID-19 lockdown, getting a Mothers’ Day Gift this year was a little tricky. If you are a procrastinating queen like me, its usually easy to go to the nearest store and grab a box of chocolates, some flowers or a cute card – but this year it was not as easy to travel to the CBD. What’s more, considering the economic situation it will definitely be difficult to break the bank for that special gift.

Here are a few ideas on how to treat your mom for Mothers’ Day:

1. Gift Delivery Shops

If you have some money in your piggy bank, you could consider getting a gift delivered straight to your doorstep. Several companies are resorting to delivering Mothers’ Day gifts to their clients’ homes. Gift stores are delivering cupcakes, flower bouquets, accessories and more. To start you off you can check out Amazing Creations Zim, Lindsays Cuisine, The Lily Pad, Nematombo Events, Love Visibly etc.

2. Breakfast in Bed

The oldest trick in the book, but very effective. Mothers work so hard and deserve to be pampered on their special day. Making a hearty breakfast for mom might be the best gift to start her day and make her feel special. You might have to wake up pretty early to prepare the meal because most Zimbabwean mothers wake up at the crack of dawn! If you are gifted in the kitchen you could also bake cupcakes or a cake for her sweet tooth.


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3. Check Up

If you are away from your mom during the lockdown the best gift might be to have a video call with her. It’s good to put some time aside for a special call where we can remininse about the good times when we were allowed to leave the confines of our homes. Communication is key for many mothers, if you are in good books with her neighbours, you can ask them to check up on her. In the case that you don’t have that much data, where you and your siblings are scattered around the globe, you can compile a video of well wishing messages.

4. DIY Spa Day

If you are good with your hands, a personal spa day might be the way to make her feel appreciated. You can set up a mini spa area for mani pedis. For a foot bath all you will need is a warm water bath, epsom salts or apple cider vinegar. To scrub your feet brown sugar goes a long way. Then you can paint the nails to your mom’s desired choice.You can use ingredients right from your kitchen for facial masks, such as avocado or a tumeric and plain yogurt mask.


5. Affirmation Jar

For a really sentimental and soppy gift you can try make what I call affirmation jars. All you need really is a jar, a pen and some paper. You will proceed to write a special message for your mom and you determine when she gets to read the messages. Leave a little note specifying “Read one when you need to smile” of “365 notes why I love you Mom”. The nice thing about this gift is you can write whatever you want.



6. For the Mom Who Loves to Read

You’ll need a bit of data for this one. When the lockdown began various online book providers announced that they were allowing users to subscribe and download books for free. If your mom loves to read, be it romance or fiction, you could consider gifting her with a personalised online library on her phone. For starters, you can check Wattpad, or peruse a wide range of free ebooks on pdfdrive.net.

Mothers’ Day this year was quite different with all of us in our homes. But you can make the most of it in your own little way and make her day special.

How did you spend your Mother’s Day? What did you get for her?

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