I love being a woman and being a mother puts the icing on the cake for me.

Most people, not just women, believe that once you become a mother – it can no longer be about you, your life must revolve around your children. For some people, motherhood means dreams being shattered, life stopping completely for them and an end to all pursuits of self-actualisation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your children all the love and attention they need, do that, by all means! (We have enough serial killers and psychopaths in this world as it stands) However, it is problematic when you bend over backwards for your kids and do not take the time to look after yourself.

There is no shame in wanting to be a better person, parent, employee or business owner. Remember, continually striving to be better is possibly one of the best examples you could set for your children. Never stop learning, never stop dreaming and never quit!

Life moves so quickly and I would hate to have regrets. I don’t want to have more “I-should-haves” than “I-dids”. Raising three children while trying to learn as much as I can – is daunting, no doubt, but it is possible. Last year I wanted to learn gardening, which I did with the help of good ol’ google and my little people (kids). It was very therapeutic and I got to bond with my children. My oldest has now fallen in love with gardening and is tending to his vegetable garden. I can safely say I’ve hit two birds with one stone.


The harsh economic climate jolted me to start looking for greener pastures in terms of my job. I chose or rather was forced to take a job that involved me being away from my children for six months for the sake of our livelihood (I would be getting a higher salary and the opportunity to travel) It was the hardest decision to make.

Did it make me feel a bit selfish?


However, the reward was fulfilling as I provided for my children and my biggest dream to travel and see new places was finally a reality. I appreciated every moment and everything I had in my life. I even grew spiritually and now have an amazing relationship with God!

I want to learn more, a new language perhaps? I want to study a course and travel more and I’m sure I can do all that while still being the amazing mom that I am.


To the mom reading this: Never stop learning and going for what you think you need to better yourself ! You will still have time to be an amazing mom to your little humans. I have no reason to have any hard feelings towards my kids because while looking after them, I am still looking after me. Remember a happy mom = happy kids. You will thank me later.

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