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My nails have always been my weakness, and at some point, I had a nasty tendency of biting them off. So one day whilst I was in the saloon getting my hair done, habit caught me off guard, and I religiously started doing what I knew best! Little did I know I was under the radar, and after sometime, a Nail Technician walked over and introduced herself, “I’m Martha Longwe, and I have been watching you for a while. Would you mind having a little chat?” I reluctantly stopped chewing them off, and she began to explain the importance of nail health and maintenance. The long and short of it all: she taught me “Nail Love”, and I grapsed a thing or two which I’ll share here:

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1.  The nail journey all starts with healthy nails…

Yes, a healthy diet matters when it comes to nail health, and failure to eat a well-balanced meal might result in fragile nails. The body is just like a flower, and it needs constant nourishment for it to function soundly. Ever wondered why your nails keep breaking off regardless of how careful you are in maintaining them? It might be because of that little food item you are neglecting, or a nutty/fruity snack to distract you from biting them off. Just remember to incorporate all the nutritional elements in your meals always, so as to retain healthy nails.

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2. Choosing the right artificial nail type matters…

After you have strong nails, its very important for you to choose the right artificial nails when you visit the saloon, because they might damage your nail bed if too much stress is involved. Ever wondered why your nails ache after you get long stick-ons or acrylic nails? The answer is simple: the longer an attachment, the more inconvenient it is with regards to getting along with your day-to-day chores. So if you are looking for comfort and covenience, consider shorter nails BUT if you love them long and eye-catching, go for them!… plus the little discomfort too (wink).

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3. Nails need to breathe too…

Slaying and looking chiq is a MUST, but moderation matters. Yes, we all want sleek naturals, glittery stick-ons, or fancy French tips BUT never do it in excess. Too much filing, application and removal of articifial nails can lead to more damage than good, so allow them to breathe. After nail removal, it is advisable to wait for at least a week before getting a re-do. Also, get them polished during the healing process because a good nail hardener goes a long way in helping the repair process.

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When it comes to fashion and beauty, every woman deserves the best.  NEVER overlook nail beauty… Buy hand/nail creams, nail trimmers and buffers, and even go for a hand massage once in a while. Your nails are as equally important as any other fashion statement you own, so make them a Brand!

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